Thursday, September 9, 2010

Statement from CalEPA in response to Sac. Bee article

Yesterday an article was published in the Sacramento Bee that addresses the EEI. While the salacious title “BP Aids State’s Schools Content” points to the Bee’s eagerness to find any negative, we’re proud that the facts of the article, the people quoted and even the online reader comments all point to positives of the EEI and its potential for California public schools.

During the development of the Environmental Principles and Concepts that formed the framework for the EEI Curriculum, BP responded to a mass invite to diverse perspectives for input. A BP representative attended one Technical Advisory Council meeting to discuss the EP&Cs, but did not contribute to the actual writing or editing of the EEI Curriculum.

The EEI Curriculum is designed to be without bias, and we believe that the perspectives of industries that impact our California environment and economy are critical to engage and involve. The more important message is that the EEI is ready to deliver a tested and proven curriculum to public schools and everyone can provide support for effective implementation – a win for our students, businesses, communities, and our state.

We see this article as an opportunity for people to learn more about the EEI and we have plans for marketing to broader audiences soon. If you find this article generates a contact who would like to learn about EEI implementation, please let us know.